Polestar Pilates
Transform lives through intelligent movement by becoming a comprehensively trained POLESTAR® Pilates Teacher
If you’ve always wanted to make an impact, the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive program will add a new set of skills that will show you how to utilize and hone specialized observation and movement teaching skills that will enhance your practice, whether you’re a PT or launching your career as a Pilates Teacher.
Shelly Power with Students

"[The] Polestar training is not only a passport to a rewarding career, but a launchpad to a community of people committed to making real changes in the lives of the people they teach."

— Megan, Polestar Pilates Teacher at Body Mind Life, Australia

In this snippet, see Polestar Educator Katrina Hawley show how sequencing can help increase Range of Motion (ROM).

This 450-hour program consists of a combination of 6 two-day modules where you’ll get practical experience and guidance with a small teacher to student ratio. This complements the comprehensive online videos and supplemental materials available for reference while practicing at your own pace. Completion of the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Program qualifies you to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certification exam.

The Polestar Comprehensive series has a studio and rehabilitation track which will help guide effective mastery of the Pilates repertoire within the appropriate scope of practice.  This enables the understanding of how utilizing a team approach creates a continuum for clients and patients that improves their trust and success.

  • Learn the unique potential of exercises performed on all Pilates apparatus (reformer, trapeze table chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, and more) so that you can safely use the properties of assistance or resistance to progress your clients
  • Feel confident in understanding critical precautions and contraindications for special populations, including recommended modifications or substitutions
  • Get faster and more transformative results for your clients/patients by learning a valuable assessment tool and step by step critical thinking skills that will ensure that you can create a plan that works.
  • Learn proven communication, cueing, and teaching methods that will help your clients not only be but feel successful in movement
  • Be a part of the passionate family of Polestar Practitioners that are recognized around the world.